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French Fries Frying Machine/Batch Fryer/Electric Heating Fryer

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Our frying machine can customized as different demands, because the different fried food have the different frying time, frying temperature, also different required capacity requirement. Our factory have over 17 years experience on fryer production, with full experience on different food frying flowchart to support customer.
Our fryer type: batch fryer, automatic batch fryer, continuous fryer
Our fryer principle on design: oil fryer, oil water fryer
The capacity: 10-2000kg/h
Fried food: meat, snacks, vegetable, nuts......

Advantages :

1. Unique Designed Mixing Wings ensure the even and complete frying effect.

2. Centrifugal De-oiling Drum's powerful oil-removing function keeps the final products crispy, non-oily and fresh taste.

3. Separate Controller Box allows to adjust the frying and de-oiling time and frying temperature as required.

4. Various Heating Methods Optional: Electricity, Natural Gas, LPG, Steam.

5. Oil Collector at the bottom of De-oiling Machine helps to save the oil for recycling use.

6. Stainless Steel Cooling Belt is quite easy to clean and also the cooling fan on the top will help the fried products cool down in short time.

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